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Explore our library of on-demand sensual embodiment & female empowerment classes, free live-streamed classes for members, and discounts to new programs through our online membership program on Patreon. This is the best way to start working on keeping your powerful fire lit with the founder of Erotic Movement Arts, Rie Katagiri.


Our culture has divided women from their bodies and their spirituality. This split has led to overworking, anxiety and less grounded, integrated pleasure.

In 2010 EMA -Erotic Movement Arts® was born to be unite us back. 

Practicing EMA is a practice of bringing awareness and compassion to every part of yourself - body, mind and heart.

EMA is a sensation based, pleasure guided movement method.

It integrates sensual female-centered Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation and Sacred Dance which includes the vital life force of erotic energy.  

Join us for Immersions, Retreats and Teacher Trainings with founder Rie Katagiri.



Join us for livestream classes, trainings, immersions and on-demand classes through the on-line membership