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Class Dates:

FEBRUARY 25, APRIL 13, & JUNE 8 (All Classes 3-5 PM, Livestream)

Guided by Jill Miller’s book, Body by Breath, join Rie in learning integrative and practical methods for better breathing and connecting to your built-in physical and emotional resilience.


We may all have some negative breathing habits that affect the way we move and feel; thus we will dive into the diaphragm and many key muscles involved in our breathing process, plus get familiar with fascia and its relationship to your nervous system.


We will meet for 2 hours every other month for class.



Explore our library of on-demand classes, free live-streamed classes for members, and discounts to new programs through our online membership program on PATREON. This is the best way to start working on keeping your powerful fire lit with the founder of Erotic Movement Arts, Rie Katagiri.


Our culture has divided women from their bodies and their spirituality. This split has led to overworking, anxiety and less grounded, integrated pleasure.

In 2010 EMA -Erotic Movement Arts® was born to be unite us back. 

Practicing EMA is a practice of bringing awareness and compassion to every part of yourself - body, mind and heart.

EMA is a sensation based, pleasure guided movement method.

It integrates sensual female-centered Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation and Sacred Dance which includes the vital life force of erotic energy.


If you are seeking to develop your versatility in a wide range of sensual movement vocabularies, then this is the place for you. 

Join us for livestream classes, exclusive content, and on-demand classes through our online membership.

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"The container that Rie created and facilitated held me through one of the hardest transitions in my life, and the work done together supported me in deepening the inhabitance of my subtle body and the expression of my erotic essence.


By way of sensual dance, reverential meditation, and Rie's own decades of embodied wisdom, I was able to nurture parts of myself that have been longing and hidden for so long.


I awoke and came home to my own power, again and again, allowing for a full range of my emotions and desires to unravel, on the floor or on the pole. Pleasure grew into a way of living and being, a guide for my very own liberation.


Shakti Movement Medicine Training is a wonderful place to begin if you've felt as though something has been missing, or repressed, or unfelt. The magic is in the mystery of the feminine, only yours to uncover, and Rie is a wonderful guide who leads with gentle playfulness, genuine care, fierce knowing, deep trust and so much love"


- denise chang






Join EMA founder Rie Katagiri for these upcoming sessions


Sign up for 4 livestream classes with Rie and save $20 on class tuition! 

Classes can be taken any time, there is no expiration date. xo


 Meet the Founder of Erotic Movement Arts

Community Love




Rie is a modern day high priestess in LA. 
That training was some of the scariest, bravest, sexiest, and most tearful, terrifying and tender shit I’ve ever done. The training taught me how to reclaim and physically move from the original impulses of my unconditioned, authentic eroticism—how my flesh could become “a living poem”—and how I could help other women do this as well. Since then I’ve been incorporating this powerful movement work into my feminine empowerment coaching and my daily life.

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