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A Sacred Ceremony of the Heart

Journey of the 7 Chakras through Ancient Egypt, Sacred Oils of Cairo, Sensual Movement & Sound Bath

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ANOINTED: A Sacred Ceremony of the Heart

(Workshop 1 of the 7 Chakra Series) 


Our series begins with the Heart, the energy center in Egyptian belief through which all expansion and healing becomes possible. We invite you to journey down the Nile river, an ancient representation of the spine, with the heart chakra centered at the great temples of Abydos and Dendera, honoring the Neter, or God(dess) Osirus and Hathor.


Rena will guide us through the wisdom of the Egyptian chakra system, activation work with Rose oil direct from Cairo, harmonizer of the Thymus Gland, and representative of the Heart of Isis, the Great Mother and founder of the Mystery Schools. We will gather on this new moon night, as we explore a sensuous journey to nurture, open and be moved by our heart.


We will liberate our body with EMA, a pleasure guided, sensual movement practice by Rie, followed by a deep & luscious heart focused sound bath offering from Lahila to attune your body. We will close in circle with heart shares and an option to stay with us a little longer for tea & some tasty nosh for conversation, integration and grounding. You will receive a sample of the Egyptian Rose oil to use in the workshop and to take home to continue anointing yourself with.



Saturday, February 10th, 4p-8p (Happy Lunar New Year!)



Lotus Warrior Studio, Los Angeles 6111 W 5th St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

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