Based out of Los Angeles, Rie has choreographed Academy Award winning actress Marisa Tomei for Darren Aronofsky's acclaimed 2008 film The Wrestler, as well as Jennifer Love Hewitt, Juno Temple, Lana del Ray and Eva Amurri. Her passionate pursuit of pleasure and beauty through movement can be seen in all of the projects Rie has been involved in. Curious women and seekers of embodied fun can experience for themselves what it's all about in her Erotic Movement Arts® classes in West Hollywood.  



The Wrestler, choreographer for Oscar Nominee Marisa Tomei
Ghost Whisperer, choreographer for Jennifer Love Hewitt
Californication, pole dance instructor for Eva Amurri
Cougar Hunting, dance coach for Vanessa Angel
Afternoon Delight, choreographer and coach for Juno Temple
Will & Grace, dance consultant



20th Anniversary V Day 2018, Santa Monica, choreographer/dancer
The Rouge Follies - Henry Fonda Theater, aerial pole soloist
The Rouge Cabaret - King King Hollywood, aerial pole soloist
LA Unbound - El Portal Theater, dancer/co-choreographer
V Day 2009 & 2011, Santa Monica, dancer/co-choreographer
Blackout, Beverly Hills - Aqua, pole dance advisor

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