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Learn Qi Gong 
with Rie

Qi Gong 8 Treasures with Rie Katagiri.png

Qi Gong is an ancient practice of wellness and vitality.


In this 5 Week comprehensive course, you will learn the most well known and accessible Qi Gong sequence: "Eight Silks Brocade", or "Eight Treasures." 

Learn entirely at your own pace with this self-paced online course created lovingly just for you!

You may finish it in a day, over the course of many days, or weeks, as you follow along the video classes, written explanation, and love letters from Rie throughout this beautiful and accessible practice. 

Created & Instructed by Rie Katagiri in 2021


"Qi Gong with Rie literally sustained me through the pandemic. Working with Wu Wei, effortless action, opened up space to slow down and do less when my panic impulse pushed into overdrive. Trusting in Yi, the right mind, brought me serenity and psychological stability that transformed my perception of life into joyful abundance and gratitude even under such extreme external circumstances. Working with the 8 Treasures helped me find safety in my own body. This self resourcing is always available when I make the choice to surrender to practice. Forever greatful for Rie and these sacred movements over the last few years."

~Samantha Shada

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