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Celebrating your beautiful heart and the conscious tending to it.

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

The glowing in the center of my heart remembers you and a tiny kiss ignites an ember.

In the bowing inward, pulling focus to stillness burning eternal, a flame, a fan dance yet I am cooled  or is it that I have arrived to know I am the center of the blaze? in my body the air is gone nothing left but love

I wrote that poem for MY heart when I committed to dance with LOVE as my MUSE  a little bit every day this month as a way to tend to my heart.  What do I really know about my heart?  What are the realms of thought and mind and what is this intelligence of the heart space we all speak of? I am finding out so much just by this inquiry.  I am also finding that words are not forming adequately but that's ok, staying away from analyzing what bubbles up  opens up to a deeper presence of sensation and embodied wisdom. Staying awake in this deep ache of my being has also been conjuring into wild dreams and ideas for creative writing and spontaneous play! Being a Virgo, I can get stuck in the importance of the details and 'what's next', so I am ever so grateful to be in the grace of this liminal playground.

originally published on February 21, 2018

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