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You Are Love But You Will Forget It

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

“You are Love but you will forget it”

I woke up from a dream with a voice telling me this many, many years ago.

Today, I woke up feeling strangely hopeful.

What powerful ways we are unifying right now against institutional violence and racism.

Black voices are being heard and so many of us are feeling and shouting Enough !

This kind of focus and strength in numbers is encouraging.

As ignorance is being exposed and rooted out, so much of the collective psyche is shifting.

There is now more room for conversations that was not allowed before.

This is now a globalized movement, where in the recent past, anti-racist conversations never went very far or lasted long enough in my opinion.

The United States did not invent racism but like so many other things, we really know how to invest and glorify the thing that keeps the richest in control.

However, this control is not real power.

WE have the Power.

True Power lies in the choice to root out our own ignorances.

To choose to look even though it burns our eyes.

To keep listening even though the sirens and shouting have punctured our ear drums.

To be willing to kill our own fear-based actions.

For everyone in my community who chose to better themselves, I love you and it matters.

It matters because your choice towards healing changed your flow of Qi and that rippled out into the greater field of consciousness.

Keep up the good work! We need to up-level our healing on EVERY level.

I can’t help but to see all of life and its structures reflected in the body - I do apologize if this may be offensive to some people because I am not saying police brutality is the same as unattended scar tissue or bad posture but my point is, to become aware of our own habits may be a start to changing our beliefs.

Culture and Political shifts take a loooooong time and our health improvements can too, but the rewards can sometimes be felt immediately.

When we can feel the change, the brain receives the information as success and this relationship between body and mind becomes healthy and unified.

Respectfully tend to what you can and recognize that your attention created a ripple effect into your whole body. Keep listening to your body and it will lead you through the felt experience of your own healing wisdom.

Change is felt before it is seen.

Keep yourself open to feeling.

See my point?

Tending to our whole self mindfully can help us feel aligned to our higher self.

As our body and Qi flow brings the wholeness of our once disparate body back together, we can resource our own amazing body for all the meaningful work and pleasure we deserve.

Without this awareness, the body slowly goes numb to the pain and we end up with chronic inflammation and perhaps Advil becomes your answer. Don’t stop listening to your body especially now.

To my fellow healers: I know you are tired. Rest is your friend. Not engaging in social media is ok. Taking a pause from giving is ok. I feel you!

To root out the source of suffering whether its institutional or our own body, it takes a meticulous and maddening tracking of it.

But it also takes a lot of care and love for Truth and Freedom.

So, as we continue on this journey, I feel united with all the people of the planet who desire to send the message of Love over Hate.

We are in this together, eyes burning and open, listening through the sirens and facing the ignorance daily.

Here is a Tip to keep you on the path of balance:

Always use your Right Mind to direct the Qi towards spaciousness, inner peace and harmony with Nature, Cosmos and your Human Family.

Your mind can do this anytime, this is why we have this Power.

Remembering with You that We Are Love,



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