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How is EMA different from other Pole and Erotic Dance classes?

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

First off, I love working deeply with people so I decided to teach mostly privates a few years ago.  All classes at my private studio are small groups or one on one.  This creates a safe and intimate space for women to dive in and let there mystery and curiosity play. We focus a lot on opening awareness and grounding through the lower body to develop our felt intelligence in our lower energy center. Utilizing Erotic Movement Arts® practices we will locate and move from this most vital energy center. Most people in big consumer capitalist countries, like the US live disconnected to this area due to over thinking, over stressing, over consuming, body shame and cultural conditioning.  I find the practice I teach for lower body access and self care that is present in every EMA class to be vital for self confidence and beginning a healing relationship with our body.  Once we establish our grounded self, the class organically integrates sensual movement and erotically focused dance sequences. There are many paths to body, mind and spirit balancing, it is my greatest pleasure to share with you some of my favorite ways to feel lusciously alive.  

The heart of EMA is the Goddess or the Divine Mother principal. Bringing Her to the center of it all, the patriarchal lens that have stolen and violated women's sexual and erotic authority dissolves away so we can finally begin to ask what is my authentic erotic energy like? What does She know and what does She want? This exploration is never ending and the richness and beauty that emerges from each participant is so healing and transformative!

Monday evening classes are appropriate for both beginners and experienced women. Come hydrated. Bring your blanket/sheepskin & Yoga Tune Up Balls® if you have them. Dress to move freely and wear what helps you embody sensuality.  Bring socks, shorts, knee pads and leg warmers if you have them (optional).

Reconnect with your spirit and the richness of your embodied creativity.

Private sessions with Rie or any of her certified instructors.

Before entering, pause, breathe and connect with your fullness of presence and deep curiosity.

Space is limited to 5 women only.  Don't miss out, sign up today!

photo credit: Lisa Leone

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