Shakti Movement Medicine Training 

an immersive experience on the positive effects of sacred female energy and embodiment

Are you craving to be in a sacred feminine space?​

The Shakti Movement Medicine Training program is an immersive experience on the positive effects of sacred female energy and embodiment. This Livestream course is taught by the founder of Erotic Movement Arts, Rie Katagiri.  

Experience the next evolution in integrated female empowerment. Recommended for life coaches, therapists, yoga and movement instructors as well as women who wish to embody their work and art from a powerful and sensual place. 

Join us for the full Shakti Movement Medicine training program or choose the modules you are interested in. 

Some topics covered in Shakti Movement Medicine Training:

  • Sensuality and pleasure as a significant resource for healing anxiety, boredom, and lack of creativity

  • Unpacking the Erotic, why do we restrict ourselves from our most potent energy?

  • Freeing your power through opening your voice 

  • Who is Shakti and what does She have to do with our modern time? 

  • Female spiritual embodiment: why spirituality is essential to healing and maturing

  • Sustainability in long term relationships (ie. your changing body, partners and your work)

  • Functional anatomy to help chi and pleasure flow through your body life

  • Regular EMA, Qi Gong and Body Lab classes taught by Rie


(does not include the Teacher Training practicum or certification to teach EMA, visit here for teacher training)

Module 1: tbd (2 weekends)


Why are women afraid of their Erotic Nature? We will explore why pleasure and erotic energy is vital for reclaiming and authentically connecting to our fullness, depth and power as women  

Module 2: tbd    


devotion & female mystery through Goddess, dance and tantra 

 Self Study with exclusive videos (optional)

Module 3: tbd


a model for conscious embodiment 

Module 4: tbd


freeing our erotic potential through anatomy, impulse and speaking truth (part of the full program only)

Hours: Saturdays 11a - 5p / Sundays 11a-5p PST

Your program will be rich, comprehensive and full of innovative ways to work somatically through:

  • Livestream weekend courses

  • Self Study Videos

  • PDF of lesson points and worksheets

  • Q + A: Group zoom with Rie

Complete this program to qualify for Teacher Training 


$1,300 for the Full SMM Program (over $200 saving)

Request a payment plan. Upon application approval, we will send you instructions.

-->3 payments of $206 after $699 up front (incl. $17 service fee)​



ATTENTION: this is NOT the FULL Teacher Training schedule, however SMMT is the prerequisite If you decide you would like to continue onto Teacher Training, we will apply the cost towards the training.






This training is a healing path, Rie and guest instructors will be holding space for each woman to meet and own their unique erotic center. With this specific energy flowing, we can tap into our authentic movement and voice and begin speaking from the heart+pelvis connection and therefore live and offer your gifts from a self-resourced and embodied place. 

This program empowers women to empower themselves first.

++This is NOT an On-Demand training. You will be working with Rie via livestream each module in addition to self study with recordings.​

++You will be participating in sharing, partner work and receiving feedback that provides a path for learning and self discovery.

++Can't make it to every livestream? Catch up with the recordings and complete the exercises by the due dates for your certificate of completion.

++Not doing the certification track? You can attend any of the first 3 modules on their own but you will not be able to jump into the teacher training program unless you have completed all 4 modules of Shakti Movement Medicine first.

++You will receive a book and materials list upon application approval and tuition submission.

++Recordings will be available for 9 months for those who sign up and attend the whole program. If you sign up for singular modules, you will have 30 days to complete the course.​

++Continued Ed for EMA teachers receive the whole Teacher Training again for $500 - write to us if interested