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Online + In Person, Los Angeles

Important Dates:
In Person Practicum- October 18-27, 2024

To enter into this training consciously, and with your personal wellbeing

at the center of this journey, there are some things to remember that

will make this course smoother for you and everyone in your group.

EMA teacher training is very physical with many repetitive movements

so healthy lifestyle, nutrition, self-care, and plenty of rest are critically

important. EMA teacher training can be emotionally challenging; you

will be asked to break through into new territory so you should

anticipate the possibility that you will need additional support.

In addition to your regular spiritual and/or body healing practices (yoga,

meditation, massage etc.), it is vital that you continue to see your regular

counselor/therapist (I recommend a licensed therapist) prior to, and throughout, this vigorous, mental and

physical training period.

Participants of EMA teacher training will be expected to cover a large

body of knowledge and information, so each moment of our limited

time together is precious. Holding space for each other is an important

part of our process. There will be regular check-ins where we share and

support each other through some of the exciting, internal experiences 

that come up with the daily practice of this powerful movement.

However, we are not therapists, so it is not the appropriate place for

outside issues. We recommend that you receive the professional

support of a qualified therapist or counselor for any personal issues that

are not specific to our training.

I have contact information for trusted therapists and healers available

upon request.

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