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Let’s gather and celebrate your female self with Rie Katagiri & Dana Gillespie at ‘Female Wellness Moon Gatherings’.

Learn how to have more space, wellness, fulfillment and bliss every day in your female bodies!

We will utilize the energy of the day, the moon phase, and the season to really access your health and vitality in the present moment.

Class will begin with Rie leading everyone in the use of Yoga Therapy Balls. This will create space in your body to nourish your reproductive organs, tissues, overall wellness and chi. Helping each female to feel amazing in her body, assist in conscious + compassionate connections during sex and moon cycles*.

Class will then circle up and be guided by Dana in a female grounding meditation. This practice is like a little energy spa - helping everyone release and replenish their energy - while learning more about their female energy body. The most powerful tool a female can learn - is how to let go - as we are hard wired to hold energy for 9 months.

Profound bliss and wellness awaits you! ​

Join us on Sunday, August 18th 4-630p

$40 donation ​

Limited Space Available.

Prerequisites – a female body, yoga clothing that you can move around in, and the Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls (Plus size + Coregeous) which you can purchase from Rie’s studio.

*Females that are in their Sage phase of life and no longer bleed – still have a moon cycle. This class will also benefit you.

About The Instructors:

Rie Katagiri is the creatrix of Erotic Movement Arts and has 19 years hands-on expertise in health and wellness. She is a certified teacher of Yoga Tune-Up®, Forrest Yoga, and a somatic bodyworker. She is a rare jewel that offers such wisdom – it’s not to be missed!

Dana Gillespie has been playing in the health and wellness world for most of her. She has been focusing on female energetics for the past 10 years, and is a graduate of Magic Isle’s 5-year Female Clairvoyant program. Dana is the creatrix of My Moontime, helping females understand and track their female cycles, the moon cycle and the energy interplay for an empowered life experience.


Shakti House LA - 183 N. Martel Ave., #200 LA

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