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Shakti Movement Medicine Training


(Completing the SMMT program is a Pre-requisite to qualify for EMA (Erotic Movement Arts) teacher training. The SMMT program does not include the Teacher Training practicum or certification- these programs will be made available to SMMT graduates interested in becoming teachers after graduating the SMMT program.)

2023 SMMT Course Modules:

Module 1 :  March 10, 11, 12 2023 - Igniting Our Sacred Fire 

Times: FRIDAY, 4p - 7p, SATURDAY, 10a - 5p, SUNDAY, 10a - 5p / On Zoom Livestream

SMMT Introduction. Opening circle, discussion and practices on what is spiritual embodiment, sensual wellness, why does my erotic nature matter, and begin to identify the gatekeepers who block your path of moving Qi (vital life force).

(Note: You may sign up for this module to see how it resonates with you before signing up for the whole program!)

Module 2 : April 15 & 16 - Union with Shakti

Times: 9a-5p both SATURDAY & SUNDAY / On Zoom Livestream

Embodying the power of the Goddess through dance, devotion and mystery

(Note: Anyone may take this module as an individual workshop.)

Module 3 : May 27 & 28 - Somatic Medicine for Our Time

Times: 9a-5p both SATURDAY & SUNDAY / In-person & On Zoom

We are sensual by nature, it is time to live, work, activate and love with our WHOLE self. Understanding the foundations of anatomy, Qi, nervous system and fascia, and energetic systems in the body. 

(Note: Anyone may take this module as an individual workshop.)

Module 4 : June 24 & 25 - Mapping your Erotic Nature 

Times: 9a-5p both SATURDAY & SUNDAY / In-person & On Zoom

Claim your pleasure and erotic energy because it is vital for living our fullness, depth and power as women.

(Note: Anyone may take this module as an individual workshop.)

Module 5 : July 21, 22 & 23 - Voice, Receptivity, Pleasure

Times: FRIDAY, 4-7, SATURDAY, 10a - 5p, SUNDAY, 10a - 5p / In-person & On Zoom

Freeing your unadulterated self expression through sound and sacred speech. We will also hold our SMMT Closing Ceremony this weekend.

(Note: This module is only available for those taking the whole SMMT program.)

Shakti Movement Medicine Retreat

(Post-Program, Fall 2023)

A gathering for past and present SMMT participants who completed the full course only as well as EMA teachers. Integrating all the modules for your sacred emergence. This is a retreat to be in person with this community, for your body to be nourished, cherished and moved by your deep wisdom. This retreat is a separate/extra offering in addition to the SMMT program.

(Location and exact dates tbd) (IN-PERSON) 

Please note these hours are Los Angeles Time (PST)

Your program will be rich, comprehensive and full of innovative ways to work somatically through:

  • Livestream courses (with in-person study available for those located in LA)

  • Self Study Videos

  • PDF of lesson points and worksheets

  • Q + A: Group zoom with Rie


This training is a healing path, Rie and guest instructors will be holding space for each woman to meet and own their unique erotic center. With this specific energy flowing, we can tap into our authentic movement and voice and begin speaking from the heart+pelvis connection and therefore live and offer your gifts from a self-resourced and embodied place. 

This program empowers women to empower themselves first.

++This is NOT an On-Demand self-study training. You will be working with Rie in real time via livestream classes each module in addition to self-study materials and recordings.​ If you are joining the SMMT program late (any time after we begin in March 2023) you may use the video recordings of the previous modules you missed to self-study & catch up. 

++You will be participating in sharing, partner work and receiving feedback that provides a path for learning and self discovery.

++Can't make it to every livestream? Catch up with the recordings and complete the exercises by the due dates for your certificate of completion.

++Not doing the SMMT certification or Teacher Training track? Only free for one or two of the weekend course dates? You can attend Modules 1-4 as individual weekend workshops, but you will not be able to jump into the teacher training program unless you have completed all 5 modules of Shakti Movement Medicine first.

++You will receive a book and materials list upon application approval and tuition submission.

++Recordings will be available for 9 months for those who sign up and attend the whole program. If you sign up for singular modules, you will have 60 days to complete the course.​

++Continued Ed for EMA teachers + SMMT Alumni receive 75% off - write to us if interested

~ ​SMMT Student Testimonial ~

"Rie has a beautiful way of weaving and holding space. To learn and train with her was intimate and expansive. It deepened my sensual embodiment practices as well as gave me tools for everyday living. She combines Qi Gong, Sensual Yoga and Tantric Dance seamlessly. Rie is poetic, graceful and a force in erotic movement."

~ Ananda De Martini, SMMT graduate 2022

Vedic Astrologer, Jewelry Designer, and Certified EMA Teacher


Already applied and ready to secure your spot? 

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